The 10 social media bloggers I read the most

I have been thinking about forming a list of who I think is the best social media bloggers on the web. Now to those that are excluded, don’t be offended as I only included those bloggers who published purely social media content.

Additionally I dropped any all the majors because they turn over too much content and quite often there is lots of junk in-between the good content.

Oh and one final point I also made an effort to add younger, fresh new voices to the group of talented bloggers.

I admit I do not read as widely as some others do e.g. Mike Fruchter, so if there is someone you think is exceptional that I am missing then please let me know.

Also feel free to share this searchme as it is easy to embed on any blog or website. Enjoy!

*UPDATE: As requested the links from the above embed have been added below for those who couldn’t view them in the embed. Sorry for any inconvenience I never considered compatibility when I used the searchme embed feature.