Mark Suckerberg [aka Zuckerberg] ‘social media guru’ gets a thrashing @ D8

Premier douche-bag Mark Zuckerberg [of Facebook] gets a thrashing from Walt of AllThingsD @ their conference.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Privacy [video]

Jason Calacanis had this to say about Mark Zuckerberg, “You can’t trust this guy! He’s avoiding the questions! Look at him sweating! The Golden Boy Emperor has no¬†clothes!”

I have been apparently like Jason for the past year verbalizing similar thoughts. I have told people that Facebook is successful but it is a trainwreck in the making, with a guy at the helm that doesn’t follow my Dad’s famous words of wisdom as I started my first company at 16, ‘hire people smarter than you Roger and then listen to them’.

Mark you have smart people all you have to do is LISTEN to them and if you are and this is the shit you are in, fire them and get new advisors. I am small agency in Calgary and the thing I want most more than clients and more than money is good partners to grow with. Good partners that know better than me about the millions of things I need to do to make my company successful. You Mark do not have this problem, so don’t expect any simpathy from anyone.

Now fix your shit and lets get on with our lives. 

PS. I was number 1434 to join the QuitFacebook movement and although I didn’t follow through on that websites’ timeline I am still watching very very carefully for a chance to leave your site Export button or not for a competitor!

PPS. Did you notice how much the guy babbled and sweated like a lost puppy up there? Sheesh someone throw that guy a bone and some speaking lessons.