Tech Lounge a major success

Earlier today at Calgary Technologies Inc (CTI) a major entrepreneurial event dubbed Tech Lounge hosted over 25+ local (Calgary, Canada) companies from the oil industry to mobile software. The food was fabulous and kept you happy for the duration of the event and the drinks were free only requiring a voluntary donation. Shrimp anyone?

Here are just some of the companies and people I had the chance to speak with:


  • IntelliView – The future of video security, more cameras, better video and no higher cost
  • Psyko: Audio Labs – The future of gaming audio and 3D sound
  • Userful: Managed Desktops – Making use of today’s very powerful PCs to lower CO2 emissions and hardware costs.
  • Redwood – Specialised mobile software that allows you to monetise those on the go phone calls from clients. Currently only available on Blackberry phones.
  • Allianceone – Keeping your corporate cell phone bills to a minimum
  • CellBridge – Keeping our guys safe while working out in the tarsands and other far away or high risk zones
  • New Energy Corporation Inc – Patented water turbines for sustainable hydroelectricity.
  • Xtreme Tech – Ever wanted to be rid of your landline?
  • Gushor – Unconventional Heavy Oil Extraction


Great job guys! Thanks for making this happen.

iPhone or Car? You decide..

I have been thinking about this alot lately, okay well not a lot a lot but more than is reasonable surely.

If I get an iPhone I am going to spend (in Canada) around $1200-$1400 per year – 3 year contract required – of fees plus the down payment of $200-$300 for the handset. Right now there are at least a dozen vehicles in Canada, that’s right MOTORVEHICLES for no down payment and that sort of montly payment.

Does this seem rational to you?

It really doesn’t to me, I love my phone and I do really like being able to text friends, partners, and family. Its fun being able to check Facebook and FriendFeed really I ENJOY doing it. I feel connected! but the price we are paying just feels so high. Too high.

Maybe it is silly but thinking about this, reminds me of when my parents used to tell me not to smoke and how smokers spent so much money they were literally giving up holidays by continuing their habit. I identified with this expression because I realised no cigarette would ever give me the satisfaction I would get from travelling to New Zealand and living there for a year or travelling Europe, all of which I have done several times.

And where I am today is the same in my thinking towards my mobile purchases as it was then about cigarettes, too much money. What do you think?