Robert Scoble: 7 lessons learned from his famous Social Media List

This is my first ‘scrape’ of FriendFeed (FF) for content and thoughts but interestingly it was done to recover something the famed technologist and blogger Robert Scoble said (link) just a few days ago on FF that relates to his famous list of 154 of his most valued influencers in social media.

Friendfeed can be such a great learning and discovery experience. Our FriendFeed links – Robert Scoble, Me, our FriendFeed Forum.

Roberts’ 7 lessons learned

  1. People who ONLY Twitter have a high propensity for much more noise than signal. Those who are best? Those who post to a lot of different services, and who blog often.
  2. People who change their avatar from the default are more likely to have signal than those who don’t.
  3. Past results are best predictors of future results. As I look through my list of people who have fed a lot of “signal” into the system, like Tim O’Reilly, they have done a lot more signal in past week than most people in my list of about 3,300 people I’m following.
  4. Those who use graphics in their FF posts are far more likely to have signal than others.
  5. My list is very male heavy, and I went looking for women who feed good tech news to their friends. Looking to balance that out, will watch over next week to see if I can find anyone on the “Everyone” feed.
  6. This hand-picked list is WAY better than the feed from the 3,300 people I subscribe to. MUCH lower noise (for me) and much better stuff, and easier to find the good stuff (again, in my opinion). I don’t like cat photos and there are a LOT fewer cat photos on this feed.
  7. This feed does NOT match what is “popular” on FriendFeed right now. Very little politics. Very few “goofy posts.” No Bacon. 🙂

I found it funny that some of these petty differences can lead to a larger picture of a persons value proposition, but I can’t necessarily argue with the logic as he isn’t saying these things out of speculation or to be petty. Robert is just stating details that seem continuous or unique among his 3,300 subscriptions from observations.