One final note on my day off (today)

I was reading this great blog post and I am strongly considering going down this path.  If you read it and agree with his suggestions then let me know.

Basically is blog post suggests that blogging less can mean a higher quality of articles and more reader enjoyment.

Do you think you would enjoy TechWinter more if we blogged less and kept writing those bigger more interesting pieces once or twice a week?

Examples of the type of articles we would focus on:

Bloggers are you making money

Clickpass Peter Nixey interview with Roger Kondrat

Your feedback is very important. Have a great day. ūüôā

News: Seesmic now offering video comments on WordPress

Today Seesmic announced they have built a WordPress plugin that allows for video comments.  Recently Seesmic had made this capability available to big sites such as TechCrunch (an investor in Seesmic) and they have been using it for a few days now.

As this is very new there has not been much to say other than it exists and that I hope it works well for the Seesmic team.

This is just silly though really, do they really think they have the ‘chops’ to keep up with¬†Disqus et al?

For me I seem to still be asking the same question, what is Seesmic doing that is important to users?  What is their purchase of Twhirl have to do with anything strategic? When will they come out of private beta?  Are they trying to compete with Disqus and CoComment now?