T-Mobile UK Data and Wifi (HotSpot) plans just got that much better…

Recently I came across a press release from T-mobile UK stating that they were now merging their Web’n’Walk Plus with their HotSpot service so now when a subscriber upgraded from the basic Web’n’Walk package to Web’n’Walk PLUS they got Wifi coverage included ‘free’.

If you are like me and you use T-Mobile for both then you are happy to save a few ££’s but if you are new and thought I wonder if it is worth it then don’t wonder for long who knows if they will keep this package available as they often do ‘tweak’ it and rarely to our benefit.

Also if you call in for this ‘upgrade’ or downgrade depending on your perspective please be patient and persistent as the Customer Service reps have just found out about it do to my insistence that the program existed and don’t be surprised if you have to make a call or two to HotSpot support while they work out how to deal with you as they also haven’t been told and are only just finding out about the program from ME.

Why do I know what is happening over at Customer and Technical Support?  Because I was the one who informed them of the service change and insisted it existed until a staff member realised I wasn’t going away and did some (real) research and got back to me 4 business days later saying ‘Youreeka – I found what you were talking about Sir’….

Be patient but don’t take no for an answer.

PS.  If you are in America call T-Mobile USA as they apparently also have the same program.

PPS.  On a separate note if you are a Blackberry user looking to switch networks or upgrade (willing to switch) you may want to check out BT as they have a pretty amazing deal right now for 25£ you get unlimited emails and data, the only major downside is its on a 2 year plan. :((  Anyway some of you may not mind I do but maybe you won’t.  Take a look as the price and ‘unlimited’ slogan seemed pretty special to me.

Away – Back – and Away some more

I have been on and off the radar for most of the last 12 months.  Made my excuses but really there are no excuses per-say I have just been busy, but worse I have had too many little things going on and it has just made my focus slip and as any serious long-term blogger knows blogging consistently and creatively it is all about focus.

Focus and perseverance are the key to a good blog or website.   Those who know me only or mostly through my website must think I packed up and hibernated these last few months but really I just decided at 30 to do a Masters in Marketing.  I then (foolishly) made many commitments on my time and by the time September hit I was so exhausted I wanted to just sleep.

Do you know the type of exhaustion I mean?  Not the type where you go to sleep super late night after night from  partying, playing games or whatever else your like, but from sheer brute over-effort into too many things.  Finally it took its toll and I just stopped.

No one has ever said burnt out because well if you know me you know I am not burnt out, I am still active but I have just cut back dramatically to recharge really.  This year (2008) in May (1-29) I will have finished my Masters and it is from that point that my energy should pick up and this late summer you can finally expect some consistency from me.  As I have noticed much of the blogosphere has grown since I left it oh so long ago (sarcasm mixed with irony) but hopefully my voice will still keep some interested and we can have a chat now and again.

Recently I found out Blognation went down and that is really sad as I know Sami really wanted to do something like that and get his own cohesive and profitable network up but apparently in the time I have been gone it has both up and come down.  Although I know absolutely nothing about the situation I think its sad.  If you know about what happened please drop me a line as I looked a bit and couldn’t find much truth or transparency on the issue.

TechCrunch has really grown!  I remember when it was just about 5-6,000 readers and I was one of the few that knew about them – yes thousands is just a few in Internet speak.  I would write an article about something they said and refer to them and readers would say “hey roger where did you find this site?”.  Good for Arlington and sorry Sami for mentioning his success and your struggles for it as I know you two didn’t part ways as friends, but I am not talking about anyone on a personal level here.  Have you heard of TechCrunch?  If no you should check it out – techcrunch.com

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