Flat rate Data roaming across Europe for £8.50

According to Trustedplaces.com Vodafone UK has launched a flatrate data program that not only includes the UK to a very high ‘fair-usage’ cap of 3GB in the UK which is competitive but also allows you subscribers to pay a maximum of £8.50 for a 24hour period while travelling around Europe.

So if you are addicted to the web or you need it for business you can get unlimited (until 3GB of course) data for £25/month on a 12 month contract with the perk of paying a maximum of £8.50 for a 24hr period elsewhere.

The only caveat is that you can’t use more than 50MBs (within 24hrs) of data while outside the UK. There are other tid-bits to know about their new offering but its worth a look-see.

What do you think? Will you consider Vodafone when looking for mobile data or are you happy with your current provider?

Full article at Trustedplaces