Rojo the biggest scam since global warming

Rojo is the most prolific re-blogger if there ever was one. They use their subscribers by proxy to subscribe to our (us bloggers) RSS feeds and off the back of us they make their content (our content) searchable so that users will actually choose their site for your content.

Making matters worse they put out a newsletter that refers to your site but links to their hosting of your RSS feed. Imagine if I wrote about your site and then at the bottom copied your entire Post so readers didn’t need to leave my site for yours?

How would you feel?

Also interestingly much of the content on their site is copyright or creative commons and requiring that the author be referred to specifically or that the content is not used for commercial purposes without permission.

My question is between all the obvious infringement, do they even have a system looking into those distinctions and if so what do they do about it?