Trackbacks – Calacanis isn’t the only one that can benefit from his link-baiting

One of the things I find most amusing about the community response is there seem to be two components, there is the commentors and the bloggers (those that are doing the talking) but few if any are collecting trackbacks.

Why not? Its what the technology was designed to do.

Trackbacks are the best way for us Nth tier bloggers to milk his media (ego) storm for every possible new reader. So every 15min or so I am searching him and trolling in new trackbacks. Hey I am not proud of the fact that I need those trackbacks to help grow my blog audience but the reality is like link-baiting, trackbacks can be a source of new readers. Its not as glamourous or as good value for effort but its still effective.

Think about it. When I first built my starting audience it was off the back of TechCrunch using Trackbacks. I would comment on what he talked about and always always Trackback.