Trackbacks – Calacanis isn’t the only one that can benefit from his link-baiting

One of the things I find most amusing about the community response is there seem to be two components, there is the commentors and the bloggers (those that are doing the talking) but few if any are collecting trackbacks.

Why not? Its what the technology was designed to do.

Trackbacks are the best way for us Nth tier bloggers to milk his media (ego) storm for every possible new reader. So every 15min or so I am searching him and trolling in new trackbacks. Hey I am not proud of the fact that I need those trackbacks to help grow my blog audience but the reality is like link-baiting, trackbacks can be a source of new readers. Its not as glamourous or as good value for effort but its still effective.

Think about it. When I first built my starting audience it was off the back of TechCrunch using Trackbacks. I would comment on what he talked about and always always Trackback.

Calacanis – God-damn pure genius!

ahahahaha (had to get that out of the way)

I just read a post by Calacanis on how to link bait him and I just about pissed myself. Why? Because he has to be the most audacious blogger ever.

He talks like a pro-baseball player that you love (from a distance) but is to erragant to hang out with.

Why did I say genius? Well if you can’t see it already then you are blind! Blind! He wrote a cocky post about how to get link-bait from him but you know what is going to happen!? Everyone is going to talk about how he wrote that post. See even I got sucked in.

He may be lots of things of which I couldn’t say I know any of them personally since I have never seen, heard or spoken with the guy, but I can tell you this if I was going to war I would hire him as my chief tactician, the men would hate him, but love him because they may live to see tomorrow because of his tactical brilliance.

Have you met him? Is he this smart, and/or calculated or just damn lucky?

All I know Calacanis is if you ever need someone to follow you into death valley I won’t go because I know a fight or trouble will follow but you can be sure if I found myself in trouble he would be on my speed dial.

Lastly I have to admit, so much crap both good and bad is said about this guy that I have to meet him. To me he is a giant when compared with guys like Scoble or that guy over at TechCrunch.

He is the blogosphere’s Larry Ellison, or Richard Branson totally beyond the reach of Scoble or that other guy.

Calacanis I am going to laugh about that post for a long time and hate you for baiting so provocatively as I need the links way more than you!!!!!