Cracked ribs. A broken wrist. A fractured ankle, a concussion and endless scrapes and bruises.

I just read an article that almost brought tears to my eyes.

A young woman (17 years old) in Kentucky, USA is playing with her male peers at a high level. Apparently she is hoping to not only do well at that level but to eventually play at the college level on the mens’ team.

How exciting, and wow would I love to meet her, I would love for my partner to meet her, I would have to shake her hand.

Why am I so ‘excited’ well Hockey (Ice Hockey for those Non-North American readers) is a really rough game, it makes rugby look gentle. Hockey is like a cage match where everyone is moving as fast as they can the whole time, and just about anything goes. Its violent, its demanding, you don’t play just one game a week, and blood and fighting happen and often by comparison to other sports. Most of all one of the key tenants to the game is no crying, or drama, this sport is the opposite of Soccer and hardness, durability, and respect play a huge role on and off the ice for players.

Hockey is the modern worlds’ version of a Gladiator sport.

Players at the senior level typically lose their teeth, get many many fractures, a couple concussions, and dozens of soft tissue injuries if they have had a successful career, so yeah I am proud of her.

Apparently she has already suffered several injuries and in Canada that only makes you someone your friends are more proud and respectful of.

Someone is going to give me heck for this, but I am going to say it anyway, I am nearly 30 and kids are something that admittedly come up in my mind periodically and because I love Hockey so so very much I have always wanted a son and my partner has made it clear she would really really love a daughter, so it means a lot to me that Marissa Smith is so good at playing hockey and that she is passionate about it.

Marissa I hope that if I have a daughter she is just like you, its just that simple. That’s why it nearly brings a tear to my eye.

Good luck and best wishes in all your efforts and if you ever read this please leave a comment as I would very much love to hear how you are doing.

Kind regards

Unusual problem with WP2.1.2

I recently upgraded everything to WP2.1.2 and am generally very happy with all the improvements, but I am having one problem that is just very very random.

My theme keeps reverting back to the standard Kubrick theme that comes with my WordPress. If you see a simple blue banner at the top saying Technological Winter than that is the basic theme. Mine (or the one I keep trying to use) is the one with a 3 column layout and some reds, blues, and orange. Its very nice and clean.

If anyone has heard about this problem please let me know. If it is a baffling issue for me. I am thinking I may just delete all the other themes I usually keep uploaded e.g. Kubrick and see what happens.

Oh well, this is what you get when you self host. 🙁

If this affects anyone, please have my sincere apologies.