Crowdstorm – Social Shopping

Have you heard about the UKs newest public (not just yet but almost) BETA – Crowdstorm?
Crowdstorm joins a small group of sites that are bringing new Social Media style features to the shopping world. Ladies rejoice! Yes I know I am a sexist bastard. 🙂

Social media technologies are all about the belief in collective reasoning. The idea that if others like it maybe you will too.
I have been using Crowdstorm for nearly a month now zipping in a snooping around. I really like what they have done with the place. The layout is really clean and the design is very intuitive with instructions that pop up here and there, and typically when unexpected but definitely when appreciated.

Their layout is mainly blue and white, easily my favourite combination of colours, making content clear to read and easy on the eyes.

Every product review has the following social features:

  • Blog it – You can quickly post about the item on your blog
  • Comment – tell the reviewer what you think, or just write you own version if you like
  • Add to wishlist – WISHLIST. I love it. I also love that its not attached a retailer so I can go anywhere I want
  • Send to a friend – Okay we have established I am a gadget geek. So if you are too then you know all your buddies ask you what is the best camera to buy, best wireless router, mobile, etc. This is a great feature for poor souls like me, because you can quickly find something, read a review and then patch it through to the offending mate. Solved – Monkey off your back. 🙂

As well they give you the ability to track friends, products, tags and product specific recommendations via RSS and link reviews to your blog.
I mentioned a couple features I would like to see e.g. email subscriptions, and Philip assured me that if I was patient good things will happen. So between the great service they have now and their soon to be implemented (secret) features, I am pretty excited about that.

Check them out and sign up for their announcements, they should be launching anyday now.

Askimet was down this morning

Well according to Robert Scoble, Askimet is up and running again and thank god for that. All morning I was sitting here thinking why I am getting so much spam. I had recently crossed into the top 100,000 so I thought maybe spammers target that group more. Who knew.

Then I went to Askimets site and looked for some information on their blog and nadda, nix, zero, zilch. I can’t believe a company that runs, consults, and manages anti-spam software for the blogosphere wouldn’t have a post up first thing about the issues they were having once discovered.

This whole experience makes me realise how much I rely on them and to be fair I have been thinking that before the end of 2006 I am going to buy a commercial license off them. After all whether I fit the definition of a commercial entity or not I am invested in their continued success.

Thanks Scoble for pointing out what the rest of us where thinking/suspecting. As well I should mention this wasn’t just a issue because most open source wordpress users also use Askimet too so this was a very big deal for large majority of the blogosphere.