Thinking of starting an ad supported website check out these top tips

I found this great site and I think its a must read if you want to use Google Adsense or even other ad networks as most of the rules and guidelines are similar.

Quick Online Tips: 15 Common Mistakes by Google Adsense Publishers that Violate Terms of Service

Google program is a popular web advertising program which provides a good income source for many websites. There are well defined terms of service to strictly adhere to when participating in the program.

On my visit through sites and forums, I daily notice several instances of misuse of Adsense ads. So here a few helpful Google Adsense tips, probably many you already know, and few you might gain by knowing now. These Adsense faq are all picked from the Program Policies, Terms and Conditions and FAQ itself and presented in a simplified manner.

1. Never click your own adsense ads or get them clicked for whatever reason…………..

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‘3? and I kiss and make up

If you are not aware there has been an ongoing conversation with Ewan and myself about my current mobile phone provider ‘3’ (uk). It centred on poor customer service which he didn’t find shocking at all and is a concern for me.

I have since spoken with ‘3’ staff more than a few times and there have been some new developments, specifically my last two conversations. Since my contract is due soon I had decided to take control and negotiate in advance the terms of my new contract, as once the E61 is released (see previous post for historical insight) I am going to order one and will need to get a new contract as well.

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