Hi Linsmayers

So Google announced today that they finally have proper maps for Continental Europe so I just had to take a look and it was a bit of work but eventually I found where I lived. It was pretty easy once I realised they also had quality Satellite images too. So once I found the town (Dorfen, Eck) I just switched to Satellite mode, found the big public pool next to a bunch of tennis courts and poof eeezzz peezzz.

If you want to check it out too for no other reason than curiosity just click this sentence

Google Maps

This is was such a subtle feature increase that I didn’t even think to blog about it until I stumbled across it on Ajaxian.com. They always keep up with these small tweaks, they are a very alert group.

Anyway you may have noticed this yourself but Google Maps has a new miniture map overlay in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (Ajaxian calls it a widget). Its not such a fantastic feature so much as a tweak because you don’t need it when using the mapping service but you sure appreciate it now that it is there. Its like the gift you didn’t realise you wanted until you got it.

Take a look here: Google Maps for a quick visual

See bottom right corner for new widget.

Now the widget has been minimised by clicking the small arrow in the corner

These images may be over kill but I thought why not. Most people have to squint when looking at some website images so why not make easier to view.