St Patricks Day!

Well another year and another St Patty’s gone to waste. I had a great time at the Horn as I mentioned in my previous post but this year I wish I had been in Calgary at Ceili’s. I miss that pub. I remember for nearly a year I used to meet up with mates to have a few after work.

More often than not it would start out as just one or two and inevitably rise to 4 or 5 and mercifully no more than that.

I had a great time on St Patty’s day here but its not the same as home, for some reason we just go crazy over it back in Canada, especially Calgary.

Well I gotta run.


This Weekend was amazing but not in a Party way

This weekend was awesome.

On friday I met up with some good friends of mine at ”The Horn” in St Albans, UK (for those who don”t know). It was just 4 of us but it was done on a whim.

Actually it was Ildeniz’s idea, and if I didn”t mention that she would give me a dirty look. 😉 Good Idea Ildeniz.

So what is great about The Horn well it has live music all the time. They are like the Live band pub in the area so every Act that comes around always plays there. On Friday coinicidentally they had a Guns N Roses cover band and it was awesome. I have some video from my mobile and will put it up tomorrow or the next day, when I get a chance. So that was such a fun night.

Then on Saturday, I had my first coffee shop day since I came to the UK. I had met this girl online (yes it is odd to meet people online, and no it wasn”t a dating site) like 6 months ago. But we always had scheduling conflicts but she seemed really fun to talk to so I kept in touch. So anyway, we met yesterday and had coffee all afternoon in the Docklands district**(see below for info). It was so fun we talked about so much great stuff. I really enjoyed it and I thought she did too. So maybe we will hangout in the future, but just as friends, as I am still not over Jen so I don’t want to jump into anything. Then later that day I met another friend Jo (thats a girl, also just a friend, and no I didn’t meet her online). We met for coffee as well and just talked. Why was this day wonderful? Well because it was relaxing, it was intellectually stimulating and it was wonderful weather all afternoon. Oh and of course not least the company was of the highest quality.

On Sunday I went for my bike (motorbike) training. The day was nice again for this time of year with lots of sun. The only downside was getting up at 7:30am as class starts at 8:30am. 🙁 The company Vision that taught the class were great and I learned lots. I am still shopping for a bike but should have the money for it next month, we shall see. To top it all off my mate Harry also decided to take the course with me so it was fun watching each others back throughout the day and of course at the end when we got our certificates for passing the ‘CBT’ training that was a huge bonus.Then on Sunday I went into London to the Docklands District is an amazing area that is totally refurbished and houses the financial center of London, with wonderful docks instead of streets and well its pretty hard to describe but it is very modern and has a good environment that says have a coffee and stay a while.