Personalized: Yahoo Search

I have just been running my own little beta test of Yahoo!’s new personalized search
product and I have to say its pretty cool. Having used it for a few days I find it is
really useful when research a product or topic but I haven’t as yet decided whether it is
more generally useful. Maybe if someone else would give it a try and comment on it then
we could all learn something new.
My Yahoo! Search

Enjoy and remember comments make the blog not the posts!!


Well I just found out last week that the Overdose I began treatment on died on the way to
the hospital. It was a sad moment. The patient was really young and probably had few if
any health problems so it was hard to imagine that patient just expired (EMS term for

I have been thinking about it lots and the event reminded me of the many stupid stupid
things I have done especially while I was a young adult and I am glad to still be here.
I am also glad that when I did stupid things my friends would show up to save me from
myself. That for me was the most confusing part of the incident because I couldn’t find
her friends…? Where were they?

Just the other day I was in the Tim Hortons 24hr style studying to become an EMS
professional and a Paramedic sat down to help me with some of my questions about school
and life and inevitably the discussion turned to the patient and the Paramedic said don’t
worry Roger its only sad because you have had just this one experience, had you had the
millions of experiences we get while on the job week in and week out you would stop
thinking of it as sad and just think of it as Life.

I couldn’t help but feel worse after the fact, because I couldn’t imagine seeing so much
death that I don’t feel sad when it occurs.

Anyway I just thought to express that. Happy Halloween Everyone!!!